Creative Reports


October 16, 2023

In the new paradigm of remote and hybrid work, many companies are re-evaluating their real estate footprints and shedding unneeded office space. As vacancy continues to rise, multifamily or medical office conversions are increasingly offered as potential solutions for underperforming office buildings. Yet each conversion opportunity presents unique complexities that require careful consideration to ensure success.


Andrew Matheny

Research Manager

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Elizabeth Norton

Senior Managing Director - Research Services

Washington, District of Columbia

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Doug Prickett

Senior Managing Director

Dallas, Texas

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Blake Williams

Chief Operating Officer - Healthcare Advisory Services; Laboratory + Life Sciences

Houston, Texas

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Chris Lipscomb

Managing Director

Dallas, Texas

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Kate Morris

Senior Vice President

Phoenix, Arizona

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Steve Hall

Senior Managing Director - Healthcare

Atlanta, Georgia

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Justin Brasell

Executive Managing Director

Houston, Texas

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