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Elizabeth Norton

Managing Director
Research Services
+1 (202) 775-7026

Matt Dolly

Director of Research - NJ
Research Services
+1 (973) 947-9244

Fresh perspectives to inform real estate decisions

Across the country, our in-house research professionals produce quarterly local market reports that help clients make informed real estate decisions. Our national office and industrial reports take a broader view, highlighting big-picture data and trends.

Additionally, our research team’s sophisticated analyses and insight on historical and future real estate trends is shared in periodic creative reports.

What makes our research different?

  • Better Coverage
  • Better Data
  • Better Approach

Better approach

  • With 35 offices throughout the country, we have local market expertise from coast to coast.
  • Our researchers’ work is complemented by the vast resources of our consulting affiliate, Delta Associates.

Better data

  • Our quarterly, annual and industry-specific market data reflects trends and significant events across the entire real estate spectrum.
  • Additionally, our team conducts proprietary research for clients and friends of the firm to support unique business objectives.

Better approach

  • Researchers collaborate with experts across Transwestern’s integrated lines of business to provide more informed market analyses.
  • Exemplifying the thoughtful, personalized approach of our organization, The Transwestern Experience is central to every aspect of our work.