Creative Reports


August 17, 2023

Lawyers experienced layoffs during the pandemic, but jobs are getting back on track.

Law offices continued to increase headcount in 2022, though hiring slowed a little from its 2021 pace as the market faced challenging economic headwinds.


Gabriel Chao

Executive Vice President

San Francisco, California

(925) 451-2221

Clark Dean

Executive Managing Director

Atlanta, Georgia

(404) 842-6568

Larry Serota

Executive Managing Director

Chicago, Illinois

(312) 881-7038

Jordan Wade

Managing Director

Dallas, Texas

(214) 446-4531

Elizabeth Norton

Senior Managing Director - Research Services

Washington, District of Columbia

(202) 775-7026

Doug Prickett

Senior Managing Director

Dallas, Texas

(214) 292-6406

Corrie Slewett

Research Manager - New York | National Tenant Advisory Research Leader

New York, New York

(212) 537-7690