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Kristine Maggio

October 18, 2023

Transwestern is consistently named a “best place to work” in markets around the country and is the only third-party, full-service commercial real estate firm that has appeared on each of the 100 Best Workplaces lists for Millennials, Women, Camaraderie and Diversity by Great Place to Work® and Fortune. In 2023, Transwestern Atlanta was named a top workplace by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution for the 13th consecutive year and earned the top spot on its inaugural DEI ranking.

We’re proud of these awards because they reflect our commitment to cultivating a vibrant culture where our people can flourish. At Transwestern, a vibrant culture is one of inclusion and collaboration. We aren’t satisfied with being just a great place to work. We want to be a great place to work for all.

We stand apart because we have built a culture that attracts people who want to come together in the office to collaborate, create and innovate. Here are the key ways we drive our purpose of empowering good people to do extraordinary things together.

Lifting every voice

The most effective teams are diverse and empowered. Bringing together people with different knowledge, skills and life experiences only benefits an organization when they’re given the space and encouragement to speak up.

At Transwestern, we solicit viewpoints from people at all levels through formal young professional groups, training programs and formal and informal mentorships. We also foster an environment of belonging that promotes dialogue and idea sharing and provides for interactions with leaders, counterparts and coworkers across the company. Identifying and correcting disparities in representation and opportunities helps level the playing field for underrepresented groups.

National and local DEI teams advance the company’s goals to highlight diverse team members through programs such as the Women Winning social media campaign, TW Talk webinars, inclusive hiring practices, and the Engage, Reflect, Discuss series, which invites conversations on the similarities and differences among team members, and how they unite to deliver on the company’s shared purpose.

Investing in career progression

In the U.S., lack of career progression is a leading cause of employee dissatisfaction across all industries. Without personal and professional development programs, many see leaving a job as the only path to growth. Therefore, we can’t expect people to commit to our company long-term if we pigeonhole them.

Transwestern proudly provides tools and resources to enable everyone within the company to excel in their chosen careers, like development programs, internships, mentorships, continuing education, job-related training, and professional affiliations. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Discussions with team members about their career aspirations are designed for them to think outside the lines. To look at how their strengths are applied and how a role or responsibility shift might create more professional value and personal fulfillment.

Perhaps most importantly, we make a point of letting our people know their contributions are valued beyond their job title, and we’ve got their back. Growth isn’t always linear. Investing in career progression includes giving people the autonomy to change course.

That’s why our leaders practice an open-door policy, encouraging people to come to us when they’re unhappy or unfilled rather than immediately looking for employment elsewhere. Recently, a marketing associate on the TA+WS team found her calling in asset services, a healthcare administrative associate moved to office management, and a brokerage associate joined the marketing team. All three were supported throughout their transitions with the understanding that the door is still open for future pivots as their careers unfold.

Taking wellness and mental health seriously

The health and wellness of our bodies and minds are equally important. We recognize and appreciate the necessity of supporting team members’ efforts to care for both by providing resources, destigmatizing conversations about mental health and approaching one another with kindness.

Combating burnout is essential to our wellness philosophy and a vital way to retain happy talent. Breaks and vacations are crucial to work-life balance. We ensure team members feel confident in taking time off without fear of dropping the ball or falling behind.

Managing workloads and downtime is another component of mental wellness. While our culture celebrates entrepreneurship, hard work and innovation, we understand people can’t do their best work if they’re perpetually running around with their hair on fire. Many people, especially creatives, benefit from downtime to recharge after one project ends and another begins. This might look like extending deadlines on non-critical tasks, attending an educational or networking event, or taking an afternoon off.

Celebrating achievements and milestones

Our people are our greatest asset. Transwestern has created a series of formal and informal recognition programs because we see it as a privilege and duty to thank them for their hard work and celebrate their successes.

Transwestern’s National Recognition Week honors team members for their accomplishments during the previous year. We highlight years of service, birthdays and other milestones and give out certificates for completing firm-led continuing education courses.

The East region holds local awards ceremonies where leaders acknowledge team members for their behind-the-scenes contributions to the firm’s success, and other markets have created similar special events for the same purpose. We shout out individual and group accomplishments on LinkedIn, through local and national channels and on the company’s intranet.

Build the culture and your people will come

For us, a vibrant culture is reflected in how we show up for one another – how we treat our colleagues in good times and bad. We’re in the office because it works for us. Our award-winning culture affirms our belief that proximity drives extraordinary results and greater satisfaction. By building and fostering internal relationships, we attract the people who are meant for our company, and we make it our mission to provide them with an enriching workplace experience and rewarding career journey along the way.

Kristine Maggio is Regional Operating Officer for Transwestern’s East Region and a leader on the national DEI steering committee.


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