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Rick Graton

June 22, 2023

In today’s tight labor market, recruiting and retention remain a top priority of employers, and a key component of success is fostering a culture of caring in the workplace. While this is something that is developed over time, engaging an expert wellness partner demonstrates a company’s commitment to its people. Through a comprehensive wellness program, businesses can aid in preventing and managing chronic diseases, improve mental health and promote healthy behaviors, which drives well-being and reduces healthcare and disability costs.

Over the last decade, Transwestern has reinforced its commitment to the well-being of its team members, designing a wellness program that helps foster a positive work environment where team members feel supported and valued and are more likely to remain with the organization for the long term. Via a partnership with Asset Health, a well-regarded wellness provider, we create programming that directly impacts performance and productivity by reducing work-related stress, enhancing mental health, and promoting adaptability and a collaborative work culture – ultimately better equipping team members to excel in their roles.

The approach
Transwestern offers a wide range of resources and tools to support the wellness journey of team members and their families. This includes educational materials, personalized wellness assessments, goal tracking, and various activities such as fun fitness challenges, mindfulness exercises and nutritional guidance. Financial incentives and raffle prices encourage participation while empowering team members to make positive lifestyle choices and take control of their health. To ensure the success and effectiveness of the program, we regularly assess its offerings and gather suggestions for improvement, allowing us to adapt our approach to meet the team’s evolving needs and preferences.

A team of dedicated in-house Wellness Ambassadors amplifies national efforts by providing onsite guidance, coordinating local activities, and acting as points of contact for the programs. They play a vital role in raising awareness, promoting campaigns, and providing education about the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. These volunteer ambassadors collaborate closely with the Benefits team to measure success and provide feedback on initiatives.

The payoff
In addition to the individual benefits, a well-orchestrated wellness program contributes to a healthier work environment and a more cohesive team. Providing opportunities for team members to engage in wholesome activities together is an ideal way to foster camaraderie and teamwork. And workplaces that encourage collaboration and communication tend to report greater efficiencies, more innovative thinking and higher employee satisfaction than those that don’t. 

More broadly speaking, a strong wellness program contributes significantly to a favorable employer brand. Demonstrating genuine concern for the health and well-being of team members and their families has been cited as one of the reasons Transwestern continues to be recognized as a great place to work in markets throughout the country. We know prospective candidates consider the big picture when choosing a workplace, and existing team members feel valued and cared for when their well-being is prioritized. Each of us does our best work serving clients – and furthers the success of the company – when thriving in an environment that fosters healthier and happier lives for all.

Rick Graton is the Director of Benefits and Compensation for the Transwestern companies.


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