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Robert Vicci

May 23, 2019

Many military veterans can struggle to return to civilian life after service. They can feel like they no longer have a purpose. However, the best jobs for veterans are those that capitalize on the experiences and wisdom they have gained during their service. As such, veterans are well-trained for a variety of careers, including commercial property management.

For example, veterans are adept at quickly responding to changing environments and dynamics, and they can maintain a calm demeanor in any situation. Skills like those are useful in commercial real estate jobs for veterans. Here are a few ways in which military service can prepare a veteran for a job in commercial property management.

  • Researching, planning and preparing. Pursuing new clients involves the same groundwork as executing a mission successfully. Property managers must anticipate and provide a solution for potential problems.

  • Focusing on details. Operating an aircraft – or a building – requires absolute accuracy through diligently checking each step of the process and tracking any changes. Property managers apply this attention to equipment maintenance, financial reporting, and lease administration.

  • Adaptability. Building operations, like missions, can change quickly due to unforeseen equipment maintenance or construction issues. Property managers need backup plans and excellent communication with team members and tenants.

  • Leading and delegating. A military unit, just like a property management team, is only successful when individuals contribute complementary skills. Property management companies function at peak efficiency when they hire the best possible people and empower them to execute their jobs.

  • Working together. Limited resources in military units or on property teams can lead to creative problem solving. Property managers should encourage collaboration among their team members as well as with industry colleagues.

  • Learning from the past. After every mission, military units will debrief on what went well, what was ineffective, and how they can improve on the next operation. By following a similar process and studying previous projects, property management teams can also continuously improve.

  • Finding a mentor. Senior officers and company leaders have valuable knowledge that can help anyone learn to navigate challenges and see from a new perspective. A good leader instills confidence in their team members but also knows when to ask for help.

  • Giving back. Sharing experiences and advice with comrades and colleagues enhances everyone’s performance. Team leaders need to foster an environment of support.

Veterans have unique experiences during their service, but that exposure can prepare them for a rewarding commercial real estate career. All roles in the military revolve around teamwork and preparation, which are beneficial qualities in any jobs for veterans after their service. In the armed forces, service men and women plan forward, backward, and sideways to analyze all potential outcomes. The same can and should be done for any commercial real estate business pursuit or project.

In a war zone, everyone is important, regardless of rank. Veterans, and everyone else, need a purpose to provide meaning in their life. Everyone has a talent, but it may need to be identified and guided to the right jobs for veterans. For many, that could be commercial property management. After all, heroes are everyday people doing their job with passion, focus, and sometimes fearlessness. Mostly, they are ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things.

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Robert Vicci leads property management services in the Northeast. He is a West Point Graduate who spent 34 years as an active-duty Army Aviator and Battalion Commander in the Army National Guard. He spent one tour as Senior Aviation Officer during Operation Iraqi Freedom 3, and he is the voluntary CEO of a nonprofit that works with veterans struggling with PTSD and their families.



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