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The newly renovated Ilume Innovation Center answers LifeSciences needs.

February 24, 2022

Episode 1:  Preprogrammed for wet labs, cleanroom, and research and development facilities, the newly renovated Ilume Innovation Center answers #LifeSciences needs. Check out our new #coffeebreak series as our Phoenix Agency Leasing team goes behind the scenes and provides insights into the 4-story 371,937 SF building.

Episode 2:  The Ilume was built with all of the necessary elements for GMP manufacturing and general and focused research for a #lifesciences user. When Stockdale acquired the building, one of their biggest concerns was who could help them understand the Life Sciences market? Watch episode 2 of our #coffeebreak series, as Stockdale’s Andrew Saba explains.

Episode 3:  110-person auditorium, rooftop park, and fitness center, to name a few, the newly renovated life sciences Ilume building offers a lifestyle to its tenants and users.

Episode 4:  In the final episode of our #coffeebreak series, #TW’s Mark Stratz describes how Ilume’s proximity to local and state universities and the Mayo Clinic will create collaboration and partnerships in the #lifesciences community.

Mark Stratz

Managing Director - City Leader

Phoenix, Arizona

(602) 882-4621