As a Senior Project Manager in Transwestern’s Mid-Atlantic Project Management Services Group, Natasha oversees all design, construction and relocation efforts of a tenant’s build out. She works with clients to fully understand their mission and goals, spearheading the creation of action plans and solution-based project plans. In order to ensure the successful operation and management of each project, Natasha works closely with the brokers to set and maintain client expectations on timelines and costs prior to lease execution.


Natasha brings over 16 years of experience in interior design and project management to the Transwestern team. With her knowledge in interior design, construction oversight and risk management, she is further able to apply proper designations in all areas of managing a project.  She is an ambitious hard-working optimist who only sees a "problem" as a "solution" that has yet to be found. With her attention to detail, architectural background and experience with FF+E, Natasha provides a unique and thorough understanding of client needs and expectations, addressing questions and concerns with options and solutions. Prior to merging with Transwestern, Natasha and her partner Dana Bloom ran MGA Project Management as Directors of Workplace Strategy and Project Management managing half a million square feet of combined Design/ Construction/ Relocation efforts for some well-known names, including the Carnegie Institute and the Wilderness Society.
Before joining MGA, Natasha over-saw the in-house Project Management department of Colliers International DC Region. She was responsible for overseeing the project and construction management department and of all projects located in the metropolitan area including the Colliers Washington DC office buildout. After joining the MGA team, Natasha and MGA Project Management were retained by Colliers to manage their most recent Virginia office buildout.
Prior to joining Colliers was on the DC/MD/VA Project Management team at Newmark and sat on the Architectural Review Board for the City of Fairfax.


  • Vice Chairman of Board of Architectural Review for City of Fairfax – 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
  • WIRRE Member – 2011, 2012