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This property located at the corner of Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway and English Avenue. The five parcels: 801, 805 Hollowell Pkwy (zoned C2), 688, 692, 696 English Ave (zoned R5). SPI-3 Subarea 8: English Avenue Special Public Interest District . ± 4,000 square foot building with barrel roof currently leased by The Regulators as a motorcycle clubhouse.

The site is located near:
· BeltLine Access: one block from Kudzu Line which will connect to Westside BeltLine and
Proctor Creek Trail to Centennial Park PATH
· Oliver Street Townhomes
· English Avenue Yards
· Westside Reservoir Park
· Quarry Yards
· Echo Street
· Carriage Works

PRoperty for sale $TBD [property cannot be subdivided]
  • Property Type : Portfolio
  • Listing Size : 104,910
  • Year Built : 1935