Paige is the Development and Marketing Associate for TDC Southwest, which includes Austin, Denver, and Phoenix. She also assists on projects in Florida.
Paige is responsible for managing and implementing all property branding and marketing. She works closely with brand agencies, website developers, and property management teams to ensure deadlines are met, and budgets are in place. Another key focus is preparing all marketing materials for the development team, from offering memorandums to team/project overviews and reports. Outside of marketing, Paige creates and manages the marketing and FF&E budgets for all team projects, works closely with corporate accounting on project draws and invoices, assists consultants with specific needs, and provides guidance and assistance for requests from the development team.


During her career, Paige has participated in the development of Indie, Candela, 3Waller, and The Shoal in Austin, Texas; Portrait at Hance Park, Lydian, and Derby in Phoenix, Arizona; Navara in Tampa, Florida and Current in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Before her role as Development and Marketing Associate, Paige served as the Marketing Coordinator to the TDC Southwest team.


Paige received a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies from The University of Texas at Austin.