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Panelists share expertise and thoughts on the future of the investment market

July 28, 2022

Episode 1:  Transwestern’s 15th annual Capital Markets Symposium asked panelists to predict the direction of cap rates over the next six months. Jim Halliwell, Managing Director for Principal Global Investors, says it is natural that cap rates should be moving in an upward trajectory with interest rates and borrowing costs moving in parallel. Thoughts?

Episode 2:  Transwestern’s Capital Markets Symposium brought together client panelists to share expertise and thoughts on the future of the CRE investment market. Tim Ellsworth, Managing Director of DWS Group, believes there are more buying opportunities now than in 2021 - specifically in multifamily and industrial.

Episode 3:  Transwestern client panelists gathered for the 15th Annual Capital Markets Symposium to discuss the latest trends in the CRE industry, market insights, and the benefits of investors leaning into the market now more than ever. The amount of capital raised in the industry is astronomical compared to 2020, says Steve Pumper, Executive Managing Partner for TW!

Episode 4: Are there new competitors searching for investment deals? Experts say they are seeing fewer competitors due to fluctuations in the bond markets. At the same time, Transwestern’s Steve Pumper points to an emergence of international buyers seeking opportunities in the Sunbelt in everyone’s favorite product types - multifamily and industrial. Agree?

Episode 5:  Jim Halliwell, Managing Director for Principal Global Investors talks about what surprises he is seeing in investment opportunities at Transwestern’s 15th Annual Capital Markets Symposium. The retail and urban apartment living sector is the most surprising in performance overall post-pandemic with an increase of capacity, less bankruptcy occurrence, and overall tenant health. Thoughts?

Steve Pumper

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