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Morgan Granfield & Todd Smith (October 2023)

November 20, 2023

Video 1: Tech on Tap Recap! In the first of this series, tune in to hear how AI power requirements have changed the data center game. Transwestern's Todd M. Smith speaks with Digital Realty's Morgan Granfield.

Video 2:  Our next Tech on Tap recap, Data Canopy CEO Ryan Barbera emphasizes the importance of data centers having a voice in conversations about power demands and the future of technology infrastructure.

Video 3:  Connectivity is the name of the game for technology properties, and user needs vary greatly. On this Tech on Tap recap, hear how Netrality's Chip Robertson and 11:11 Systems' Jonathan Krybus approach this challenge.

Video 4: Tech on Tap Recap 4! In the last (but not least) of this series, tune in to hear how AI has changed the data center game with panelists Morgan Granfield and Todd Smith.

Todd Smith

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