Erin Fitzgerald

May 13, 2019

Q2 2019 Edition

In this issue of Insights, we offer perspectives to capitalize on opportunities that continue to be created in a growing economy, and to maintain a house in order, with preparations made to weather market corrections or flattening economic growth, should those changes occur. Our cover story on office renovations and office amenities samples current building features and services, and discusses why many tenants not only desire, but require, amenity-rich workplaces to support their business strategies.

Our article on leasing to government entities as high-credit tenants explores what many departments and agencies can bring to the properties they occupy. We also offer suggestions to prepare landlords, as well as private-sector tenants who may be considering taking space alongside public-sector users, for special considerations such as security protocols and a potentially more rigorous procurement process.

We present an evaluation strategy for investors in single-tenant, net-leased retail properties; and we share an update on the national economic and property markets.

We hope these perspectives inspire or confirm your own real estate strategy.

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