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The Houston market

October 22, 2019

Episode 1: Vice President of Research Stuart Showers discusses the rising popularity of coworking and how it has led to a shift in overall office tenant consumer demand.

Episode 2: Coworking will continue on an upward trajectory, but potentially with some consolidation among the providers in Houston. Stuart Showers discusses how flexible workspace could become a component in every office building.

Episode 3: Stuart Showers explains how development is impacting the market. Houston has seen an uptick in new construction, forcing second-generation properties to evaluate how to compete for today’s tenants.

Episode 4: Real estate is no longer simply a series of boxes for people to work or shop. Stuart Showers describes how the uses of real estate have blurred to better serve the needs of each person who visits.

Episode 5: Despite some talk about nearing the end of the economic cycle, Houston is full of opportunities for commercial real estate investors. In his final episode, Stuart Showers shares what product types investors should focus on for maximum returns.

Stuart Showers

Senior Vice President - Business Analytics

Houston, Texas

(713) 270-3380