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April 29, 2022

Episode 1:  Has the #industrial sector embraced #sustainability? Tune into this #coffeebreak episode and hear from our experts, Josh Richards and Walter Byrd, as they provide their insights.

Episode 2:  Rosie Keller discusses trends she is seeing and how they accommodate new work patterns as tenants make their way back into the office.

Episode 3:  Blake Peterson describes what it's like to manage #lifesciences space versus a standard #office building.

Episode 4:  Walter Byrd provides insights into what he sees on the industrial forefront and plans for this sector embracing #sustainability.

Episode 5:  What is the runway for growth in the #multifamily sector? TRS's Shivu Srinivasan breaks down his thoughts in this episode of #coffeebreak.

Walter Byrd

Executive Managing Director

Miami, Florida

(305) 808-7825

Rosie Keller

Senior Vice President - Asset Services

Phoenix, Arizona

(602) 769-2614

Blake Peterson

Managing Senior Vice President

San Francisco, California

(415) 489-1833

Shivu Srinivasan

Senior Director

San Francisco, California

(415) 489-1746