Macey joined the Minneapolis team in June 2021 and is responsible for maintaining an efficient and productive corporate office. She works closely with the marketing and administration teams to provide team members with the resources to accomplish their yearly goals. She provides exemplary customer service to clients, tenants, owners and vendors.
In 2022, Macey joined both the local and national DEI teams. She is also captain of the Minneapolis Philanthropy team. She is passionate about these projects and actively pursues ways Transwestern can positively impact team members and the community.


Macey began her post-collegiate career as a contractor at RBC Wealth Management and in just over a year achieved her goal of becoming an office manager with the Transwestern Minneapolis team. In her first five months, she moved the corporate office into a new space and established procedures that best fit the growth of the energetic Minneapolis team. She is continuing to use ingenuity and passion to make the corporate office a rewarding place to work.


Macey graduated from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor’s in fine arts in May 2020.