Janis currently manages a portfolio of 632,129 square feet of industrial product. She is responsible for monthly financial reporting, receivables/payables, vendor management, tenant relation programs, capital projects and other related assignments. Janis has been very effective in implementing creative solutions that have saved money and added value for her clients.


Prior to joining Transwestern, Janis specialized in the management of over 400,000 square feet of office property in Los Angeles County. From 2005-2007 Janis managed a 573,167 aerospace facility for then-owner Boeing, when a 2005 stock-sale to L-3 Communications created the need for a property manager at the site. Janis was instrumental in designing an operating budget that reflects the complex allocations of this property.
Janis successfully petitioned and received city approval for five individual addresses at the aerospace site.  Janis oversaw the facility-engineering team in repair and maintenance of a central plant serving the five buildings, and designed a spreadsheet for the monthly allocation of the maintenance expenses attributed to building equipment and common area upkeep.
After joining Transwestern in August 2011, Janis returned to the aerospace facility project in and successfully managed this property for 5 years until it recently sold to a private investor.  Janis’ intricate knowledge of the building systems was key in managing a complex due diligence period prior to closing.
Janis’ experience with many real estate product types, and exposure to markets from Los Angeles to Orange County, has honed her skills. Janis is characterized by her attention to detail and expertise in research and financial report preparation. These traits allow her to deliver superior skills to her clients.